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Join us for an adventure that's part dinner party and all improvised role-play! Each episode six friends combine forces to weave a tale of fantasy, food, and fun in a home-brewed D&D campaign. There's powerful spells, magic horses, other realms, and enough excitement and laughs for everyone to get seconds.

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    Ep 39: Sandwich Solidarity Pt 2

    After a quick step back in time to fill in some story gaps, we're back to the Team's quest to figure out the Guild Hall clue. After a "side quest" resulted in buying the former Brevrisk mansion, Zabbas takes a fall, Juno makes a cool new friend, and Flak opens new doors.

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    Ep 38: Lost and Found

    Thank Marie Kondo for kicking off the cleaning spree that led to the discovery of this previously lost session. The Team goes on a shopping spree before being interrupted by Juno's Nemesis, Jasson Chon.

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    Ep 37: Sandwich Solidarity Pt 1

    After two days of studying the journals of Plyntharyn Bylamore, inspiration strikes Fletch from an unexpected place. A stroll down memory lane leads to a new business opportunity and perhaps romance.

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    Ep 36: Puzzling Pankaka

    A magical breakfast recipe from Graessle's mother-in-law fuels the Team through a puzzle filled adventure, and everyone gets some magic items submitted by listeners! Ask Zabbas and Fletch if they had a nice trip, 'cause we see them next fall.

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    Ep 35: Starved for Exposition Part 2

    Happy New Year, Team! Caithyra and Nils connect some of the dots. The Team inherits a new crib and a new nickname. This shorter episode also includes some of Graessle's answers to listeners' twitter questions!

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    Ep 34: Starved for Exposition Part 1

    The Team returns to Nights Pass and heads deep into Nights Castle (Margarine has definitely never been there before, no sir) to meet up with Lord Nils and Sir Gregg for a heaping helping of plot. Fletch makes a business deal. Flak is maybe gonna be the one to save you.

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    Ep 33: Portal Pizza Party Part 2

    Now back in the Moonshadow Forest, two paths diverge in the woods, and of course, the Team chooses the nastier looking one. Juno faces some demons. Fletch and Flak play charades. Margarine spits straight fire.

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    Ep 32: Portal Pizza Party Part 1

    It's the season 2 premiere! It's been a long time since the team started this journey, and everyone's grown a lot - including Graessle, who made much, much better pizzas for dinner. Juno gets a little greedy, Zabbas changes his hair, Margarine gets the eye of the tiger, Flak rocks out, and Fletch has your local forecast coming right up after sports.

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    Season 1 Recap

    Whether you're catching up to the story so far or here for seconds, get ready for season 2 of DnDnD with this recap of season 1's adventures with Margarine, Fletch, Juno, Flak, and Zabbas.

    Narration performed by Erin Astin. Recap produced, written, and edited by Joel Arnold. Executive producer James Graessle.

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    Bonus Episode! Table For Two: Flak

    Our final one-on-one character episode! James and James sit down at a table for two to talk all things Flak, that charming bard who wants so badly to be more than just a gnome. James applies his brain behavior studies to his character, and we go over all his many, many skills and abilities.

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